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Are you stressed and exhausted?

Do you dream of being energized?

In this book, Kebba Buckley offers answers for everyone.



Discover The Secret Energized You

is intended to provide practical LifeToolssm for people who want to discover their secret energized self—to reveal to themselves how much they can make of their energy, their lives, and their relationships.


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What people are saying about this book:

This is one of the most useful books on life and stress management that I have ever read. Filled with practical techniques, that are backed by extensive research, this is a must-have guide for regenerating our energy anytime, anywhere. I have been using techniques, taught to me by Kebba, for over a year and I can tell you they absolutely work. It's a great book!

-- Ramona Sallee, MBA, Professional Treasury
   Manager and Co-author of In Our Shoes: Seven
   Women Reveal Their Soles

More energy. More life power. More well being. Fundamental tools that will help you achieve these things are clearly and simply explained in this very readable book. You'll want to keep it as a resource and return to it again and again -- and each time you do, new insights will be revealed. Kebba Buckley has done an excellent job of bringing together and explaining some of the most important life practices every pershon should adopt.

-- Patricia Turpin

I love this book! Kebba presents tools needed to tap into the energy needed to find peace and balance in all areas of life. Following her higher purpose she communicates and inspires on a deeply essential level. Anyone looking to unlock more profound potential for living life in harmony should read this book and then keep it close for constant reference.

-- Dane Treat, MD

I have been listening to Kebba Buckley and succeeding with her recommendations for twenty years. Her approaches surprise, refresh, and create lasting results. She makes you laugh while you get the most out of your life. Buy this book for all your friends!

-- Ron Button, Commercial Broker, Ron Button Realty


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